About Us 

Our mission is to provide our customers with great service and great products especially in Christmas Lighting.

Christmas Shop Online has one of the largest ranges of Acrylic LED Motifs and Rope Light Motifs in Australia.  

We are always open to any idea's to improve our product range.

Our range of Christmas Lights include String (Fairy) Lights, Curtain Lights, Net Lights, Icicle Lights, Garden Lights, Colour Changing Ball Lights as well as Inflatable Lit Displays and Lit up Cherry Blossom & Maple Trees with a whole range of different products coming next year.

You will note that our premier range of Net Lights whilst more expensive, are a little different to some other Net Lights available in Australia as our Net Lights have a bulb spacing of 10cm compared to others with bulb spacings of 15cm or 20cm so you get more LED bulbs for better light coverage and they are easier to handle due to the smaller mesh size.

However we also supply our budget range of Net Lights that meet the current market standards for those shoppers that are happy with a low cost Net Light.

We are also proud to offer the new Australiana Series of Acrylic LED Motifs and LED Rope Light Motifs with more coming next year.

For those who are into Lemax Villages we advise that we can offer you these products. Our range continues to grow each year.

Our Lemax Customers can Pre-Order Lemax from the new Lemax catalogue each year in February and receive a 20% discount by paying a 20% deposit. Our 2nd round of Lemax Pre-Order will happen in June based on left over stock of the first pre-order in February. 

Lights for your Garden?  Yes we can supply them. We have a range of Solar Powered (also 24V) Acrylic pieces, Flowers, Lotus Flowers to add colour to your garden during the daytime and and to light up your garden at night time. Great setting for any party.

Looking for Wedding Lights?  Why not check out our range of wedding lights for your special day.

Having a Party?  Why not check out our range of Party & Pool lights to light up your party.

We look forward to being of service to you and appreciate your time in viewing our web site and trust that you have enjoyed the experience and will come back soon...

Our Retail Store is located at 17 Paisley Drive, Lawnton  Qld 4501

Our Shop is now open for the year.

MONDAY:         Closed but open by Appointment                     

TUESDAY         Closed but open by Appointment   

WEDNESDAY:  Closed but open by Appointment      

THURSDAY:    Closed but open by Appointment      

FRIDAY:          Closed but open by Appointment      

SATURDAY:     Closed but open by Appointment      

SUNDAY:         Closed but open by Appointment       

However the store will be available by appointment outside the above trading hours by phoning Allan on 0412 130 762




Details of any End of Year sale will be available at a later date

Christmas Shop Online wishes all our customers and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year